Recursion, what is it and why should you get it?

As you spend more time playing Planetside 2 you might hear the word “Recursion” pop up now and again. Recursion is a stat tracking overlay that has been endorsed by the PS2 devs. With it you can better track your session stats and use this information to try and improve your play, or you can simply use it for its other less stat focused features. In addition to tracking your stats you can choose from custom crosshairs, play with voice packs reminiscent to games like Unreal Tournament, and more. Even if you are uninterested in keeping track of your performance as a player I would still recommend this software simply for its crosshair’s alone. Many of the in-game crosshairs and sights (yes even iron) are misaligned and don’t actually line up with where you are shooting, the crosshairs with Recursion do.

You can download Recursion from their site here.

If you are interested in the crosshairs all you have to do is download the software, track your character, click add mod on the left-hand side of the screen, and add custom crosshairs. From there you can customize with the present ones, download more from the site, or make your own!

Additionally, you can even get custom voice packs here! I personally update (didn’t originally make) and use this one here.


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