Team Fortress 2 Performance Guide (+RaysHud)

Ok, get ready for whats going to probably be a wall of text because we’re about to get shit done. Lets start with installing the config:

Step 1
You need to navigate to your game’s cfg folder, this is normally located at this file pathway (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg) but it can vary depending on how you have things installed.

Step 2
If you do not already have a file called autoexec.cfg then make one now. This file is just a simple text file that you can make in notepad or a similar basic text editor (I like working in notepad++ for these things, and is what I will be using for this guide, but its whatever).

Step 3
In the autoexec.gfc file you need to write “exec comanglia” without the quotation marks. This means that the config will automatically run when we start the game and all that good shit.

Step 4
Now head back into your cfg folder and make a new text file called comanglia.cfg. In this text file you will copy and paste everything in that source code page here. Save and close the file.

Step 5
Now lets finish up by putting in the launch options that Comanglia instructed us to back here in the main thread. For this you will navigate over to Steam and then right click on Team Fortress 2. A drop down menu will appear and you will click properties. You are now in the properties menu (How bout that shit!). Here you can see you have been placed in the general tab, on this tab you can see a button that says “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…” click that. It’ll say these are for advanced users only, which is a nice compliment because I didn’t think I could be an advanced user of anything. In this window you will copy and paste this stuff “-dxlevel 81 -full -w WIDTH -h HEIGHT -console -novid” without the quotation mark. Important! Where it says WIDTH and HEIGHT you need to input the resolution of your monitor. Once we do that hit ok and the config should be ready to go!


Now on to the HUD, this one is easy thanks to it’s installer.

Step 1
Download the installer/updater. It’s found on the part of the page that reads:
Installer/updater by Tree:

Step 2
Once you have it downloaded run the RHInstaller.exe file. This will open the installer to the general tab. I will now go through all the tabs with you.

Step 3 (General)
The Path field should already be filled out so don’t worry about that. The HUD Version menu has Default in it. Change this to Minimal if you want the FPS boost that Comanglia tested. This option strips down the HUD so there isn’t as much on it, but it does help. You can come back and change this option later if you find you want a more fleshed out HUD and can afford to not have the marginal FPS boost. You can double check the Aspect Ratio and Resolution drop boxes to see if they are correct, but they probably auto detect your stuff. Alternate Scoreboard doesn’t matter. Now looking at the check boxes. You probably want the Menu Sounds checked. If you want an alternate font than whats in the HUD normally you can check the Alternate Font box. The HUD comes with its own custom menu background, but if you want to use the default in game one then just check Default Menu Background. Minimal CTF Display does what it sounds like and makes the Capture the Flag Display minimal, this really doesn’t matter and is personal preference.

Step 4 (Crosshair)
Some people like HUD crosshair’s but I personally shy away from using them and edit my crosshair another way (which I will not be covering here). Anyway, you can choose to change your crosshair in this tab, but if you don’t want one of the crosshairs here then just leave the “Enabled” checkbox off. (Entirely optional shit ahead) I personally do use these crosshairs to show when I do damage to people by checking “Enabled”, leaving “Outline” unchecked, Setting the Color to transparent, and then checking “Pulse On Damage” with the color red. This makes the crosshair you choose only show up on screen when you hurt an enemy (which is useful when I’m playing with no sound). I like using the WingsSmallDot for this, but any crosshair will do.

Step 5 (Health)
I use the Numbered Health Cross, but it’s whatever you want. Everything else can be pretty much left alone.

Step 6 (Ammo)
I leave this alone, but if you want to have your ammo flash when you don’t have a ton left then you can check the “Blink/Flash” option. Not my cup of tea, but hey it’s there if you want it.

Step 7 (Damage)
Everything here is self-explanatory and doesn’t really warrant changing other than personal preference.

Step 8 (Misc.)
“Full Uber Animation Style” changes what your Ubercharge meter looks like when you have full charge. By default here it flashes 2 different colors, but you can change that here if you want. The “Chat Box” section controls where you want the in game chat to appear. Lastly, the “Team/Class Select” section controls where you see the choose class menu, I like it to the left but whatever. (Ignore Spy Disguise Image).

Step 9
Click Install

You now have everything I’ve talked about in this thread installed. If something fucks up let me know and we can try to work it out together.


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