Jumping 101: The Basics


Welcome to Jumping 101, here we will cover the basics of rocket jumping and allow you to be both competitive in a serious gameplay setting as soldier as well as enable you to be able to move on to learn more advanced concepts. This guide includes text-based explanations of the beginner course of the jump academy map. This guide also assumes you are on an official jump academy server so you can cross-reference the text explanations with the example jump bot. (The server is also just a great place to learn due to its teachers!)


Jump 1:

Press space to ascend and hold W to move over the wooden log in your way. This jump lets us know that the space bar makes us move upward, important stuff!


Jump 2:

We are faced with a 90 deg angle. In order to perform this jump look straight down press space, mouse 1, W, and duck all at the same time to push yourself onto the top of the tower. If you find yourself coming up short try timing the mouse 1 click right after you press space and duck. It is also important to note that the only time we have now covered every kind of jump where you should hold W, I’ll explain why later but holding W on other kinds of jumps is VERY bad.


Jump 3:

Back to basics, hold W and then hit space to jump over the gap.


Jump 4:

Here there is a long pool of water stretched out in front of us, we are going to rocket jump over it. This jump is very similar to jump 2 only this time we are going for distance over height and we are NOT holding W, holding W will kill our momentum and drop us right into the pool. So how do we get distance over height? When you fire the rocket place it further behind you rather than right below you.This jump introduces us to the concept that when we fire a rocket to push us we are pushed in the opposite direction of that rocket. This jump might trick you up a bit, but keep trying and you’ll nail it.


Jump 5:

This is a repeat of jump 4, but what’s this? There is a platform in the pool! That’s right, we are going to try and land on the platform. To do this jump just like you did in jump 4, but then use the S key to kill your momentum while you’re over the platform. Keep in mind you don’t need to place the rocket exactly where you did in jump 4, it just needs to be a little behind you. Once we are on the platform it is literally just jump 4, perform the same steps you did back then.


Jump 6:

So there is a box in front of us with some junk in it, we can’t land on the box so we’ll go over it. This jump combines the importance of distance and height since we have to both make it both above and across the box. To do this combine jumps 4 and 2 by placing the rocket below you to get height, but also far enough behind you to get momentum going forward. It should be noted that this is a pretty short box, so horizontal distance is a little more importance vertical distance, but the concepts that are being introduced here are important so pay attention to what you’re doing!


Jump 7:

Here is where accuracy starting getting important, here we have to rocket jump straight up a hole in the ceiling. Do this by repeating jump 2, minus the w hold (and make sure you are directly under the hole and not up against the wall). Once you are through the hole it’s fine to hold W to give you a little nudge as not to fall right back through it again.


Jump 8:

This is, in my opinion, the most difficult jump in this course so prepare yourself. Here we need to jump across a pool of water and then fall through a hole in the ground. It is important to realize that landing next to the hole will result in a failure and you will have to repeat the jump. To perform this jump we begin like we are jumping back in jump 6, with the rocket a little more behind us than it is underneath us. Make sure to try and line up the jump so you are heading directly to the hold (you can also turn in the air if you figure out how to do that, but I’ll be covering that later). Once you are directly over the hole you can press S to kill your momentum and drop into it. This will probably take a few tries, but keep at it!


Jump 9:

We are now faced with some strange spire and a large pool of water, you may notice other people hopping on the little platforms attached to the spire and being lifted up, go ahead and try that. Now that you’ve been lifted you may also notice that when you got to the top of the spire you were a little stuck inside of the platform that lifted you. This is an unavoidable bug when it comes to many moving platforms in TF2, so we are just going to play around it. To counteract this bug you simply jump right before the platform reaches the very top and stops. You will now be able to move normally. Ok with that out of the way, here we are at the top of the spire (well you’re probably being lifted up and down on the lift, but just assume everything I say is to be done when the platform reaches the top). We just repeat jump 4! Yep, we have plenty of height here so we really want to go for distance on this jump by placing the rocket behind us. You may accidentally jump off the tiny platform a few times, but that’s ok, just like any other jump practice makes perfect!


Jump 10:

You made it, great! Stop everything you’re doing and save your progress (/s in chat). People have a bad habit of falling into the pool behind this jump and being teleported back to jump 9, if that happens and you’ve saved your progress you can just type /t in chat to teleport back to where you were.

Ok now on to learning the jump, in front of us we find a gap in the shape of an American football field goal, to land this jump you gotta be the ball. This jump is actually just an easier jump 8. The only difference is you need more height than distance. Once through the gap you can press and hold S to kill your momentum to land on the platform, finally jump across the little gap between you and the capture point and you’ve made it to the end of the basics section of the map!



You have now completed the beginner course of jump academy, congrats! However, that doesn’t mean you are finished with this course. Come back often and run through the course again and again. Eventually, you will be able to complete it with ease, but even then you are not done. At this point, you should attempt to speedrun the course and practice to get the best time possible. This not only keeps your jumping fundamentals sharp, but can also be a fun pass time. Anyways, good luck out there and remember to have fun!


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