How to use the squad browser… with style!

Aside from finding an outfit, which I highly recommend, I’ll give ya some quick tips on how to use the squad browser effectively. First things first, the browser is located on the pause screen under the social tab. Once in the social tab click on where it says squad. This is where the browser will be and then the squad roster when you are in one. This is also where you leave a squad if you come across a bad one (or use /squad leave in chat). Now looking at our options for squads there are a few signs that can help us to figure out what kind of squad it is, so let’s look at those:


Generally, a serious squad will have an enticing title to get people in. There’s nothing wrong with the squad titles like, “You’re bad, we’re bad, lets be bad together” as that’s what I use but it signifies a much more relaxed experience than “SUPER ELITE OUTFIT OPS”. I wouldn’t shy away from either though, as when creating an open squad the leader knows (or should know) that they could get newbies and many, including myself, make an effort to help you guys out. Oh and some squads have colored titles, this means the SL knows how to use basic HTML color codes so you know they can read at least!

•Outfit tag

Now, this becomes more important as you become more familiar with the outfits on your server. You might look at a tag now and not care but later down the road you might look and think, “Eh, 73CA? Those guys suck!” and not want to play with one in particular. Until then the outfit tag generally shows a squad will have members listening to orders, the quality of those orders will vary from outfit to outfit, but there are at least some people following them.

•Squad population

Simple to understand, maybe you don’t feel like running with a large squad at the moment so you can join a small one and vice versa. Keep in mind that a small squad doesn’t mean an ineffective squad. Lots of us in the small squad sphere hit hard and fast and are always on the move. Don’t count small squads out.

•Cohesion metric

So the cohesion metric on the menu is just how close everyone is to each other in that squad. A green cohesion means they are relatively close and a red means they are far. Keep in mind certain squads like base builders or pilots will be naturally farther from each other so they will have a worse cohesion metric while still actually working together very well. This can be a very helpful metric for a quick glance at infantry squads, but is not the end all be all stat.

So that’s it, hopefully now you might be a little bit more familiar with the squad screen. Remember to leave bad squads and find new better ones, and if you run in a squad you really like ask your lead if they are recruiting for their outfit. Also one final tip, if you find yourself randomly given squad lead and nobody in the squad is willing to take it from you you can disband the squad using /squad disband in chat. Make sure to tell your troops first though!


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